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Recorded sessions and downloadable material is available below.

Recorded sessions

"Martin Heidegger and Die Kehre" reading group - Laurence Hemming introductory presentation 05 May 2022

Heidegger, Heraclitus lectures 1943/44 reading group - Aaron Turner introductory presentation 19 October 2022

Heidegger and the Question of the Self - Laurence Hemming 01 Feb 2023)

Heidegger and Classical Thought reading group session - Logic, ἐπιστήμη, τέχνη (22 Feb 2023)

The Ground of Logic - Laurence Hemming (March 8th 2023)

Heidegger & Classical Thought Reading Group - Heraclitus Lectures 1944 Discussion (April 26th 2023)

Heidegger & Classical Thought Reading Group - Introductory Session 2023/24 (October 18th 2023)

Laurence Hemming - "Heidegger on Presence in Relation to Wittgenstein and Husserl"

Q&A with Gregory Fried and Richard Polt on Translating Heidegger


Proposal for "Martin Heidegger and Die Kehre" project: 

Introduction for "Parmenides and Anaximander" reading group:

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